Friday is Nature-Book-Club day!

Oh my goodness - it's been decades since I had a blog! And yet I have so much I'd like to share... Today I discovered an amazing book, so was prompted to make my first post book-related. And then I decided to just declare Friday "Nature-Book-Club Day". The Earthmark Book-Club needs a catchy name though - any ideas? Drop them in the comments below!

Today I stumbled upon this gem - "Know Them By Their Fruit" by Trevor Ankiewicz. It's a guide to identifying South African trees by looking at their fruit.

Ankiewicz's illustrations are totally my cup of tea - I love that they're simple, and that colour detail is only brought in for the fruit. Very inspiring.

The text for each tree includes the SA tree number, scientific name, English and Afrikaans common names, distribution and fruiting time, and habitat. This is followed by a brief description of the tree. I really like how lean the copy is! The illustrations are truly allowed to take the lead.

The publishers (Jacana Media in partnership with the Botanical Society of South Africa.) include the following synopsis:

"This is a unique, first-of-its-kind tree book with beautiful illustrations of the fruiting twigs of 381 South African trees. The reason behind illustrating tree fruits is that, like so many tree-lovers, Trevor found it difficult to identify many tree species from their leaves as they are the most variable of all the plant parts. Fruits, like flowers, have much more stable shapes and sizes and, unlike flowers, are easier to identify macroscopically. Scratch around the under-canopy of trees and you may find the remains of fruit that can be useful for identification. Thus, this book was born, and it represents the culmination of some 40 years' work by the author."

It is clear that this tome is truly a labour of love. Trevor - I salute you!

Want to buy it?

I bought my copy in person (it's also available in their online store) at Readers' Warehouse, but here are links to some other stockists:

If you do add it to your library please let me know how it's landed with you...

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